See you at AMATYC 2011

I’ve got three public presentations at AMATYC:

  • Learning through Games in Beginning Algebra, Thursday: 10-11:30am in Rm. 417AB
  • Change the Classroom, Change the Learning: Friday, 11:15-11:45am in Salon D
  • The Search for a KAP Gap in Collegiate Mathematics: Friday, 3:30-4:20 in Salon A

Playing through Games in Beginning Algebra: In this hands-on workshop, we’ll play with algebra games, puzzles, and manipulatives that you can take back to your classrooms. In addition we’ll examine a few of the good digital games that are now available.

Change the Classroom, Change the Learning: In 2009 we began a redesign plan for two of the classrooms on our campus to encourage student-centered teaching practices.  The results were more surprising than we expected.  If you want to change the way instructors teach, you may have to change their environment first.

The Search for a KAP Gap in Collegiate Mathematics: A Knowledge-Attitude-Practice Gap is when we know about something, and have a favorable attitude, but choose not to use or practice it.  Have math instructors fallen into a KAP Gap with regards to student-centered teaching practices? In order to search for a KAP Gap, I first had to search for all the missing information.  Who are community college math instructors? Do they know about student-centered instructional practices? How do they get this knowledge? What kind of professional development do they participate in? What is their attitude towards student-centered instruction? What do they believe about specific practices?  How much do they use student-centered practices?  Finally, how are their attitudes and environment connected to their practice?  The results of this study shed light on all of these questions and begin to explain why there IS a KAP Gap.  With knowledge of what’s causing the KAP Gap, we can begin to bridge it.

I will also be at the Cengage Learning Reception at the Cactus Mexican Grill on Friday night, 5:30-7:30pm.  See ya in Austin!

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