Random But Organized Thoughts (10-10-10)

Data Visualizations and Data Mining

  • RT @geekend2010: If you are not quite up on who is suing who in mobile these days, this infographic should help http://ow.ly/2OXSh

Links for STEM

  • RT @rmosvold: Teaching calculus with Wolfram|Alpha: http://bit.ly/dcrxzD / Too bad it’s not open. Not going to read it otherwise.

Teaching and Learning

  • RT @tech4mathed: New blog post about an upcoming feature for @Livescribe, I am STAYING TUNED!
  • RT @mathhombre: RT @tperran Differentiated Instruction & Implications for Universal Design http://bit.ly/9KCl73 Good overview of inclu …
  • RT @simbeckhampson: RT @nancyrubin: Formal VS Informal Learning – A great debate – http://ow.ly/2PVZ1 (via @twazzup)
  • Discussion about buttons in course shell: We need a button at top called “How to get an A” with study tips, help options, grade policies #fb
  • Rec latest by @derekbruff: Multiple-Choice Questions You Wouldn’t Put on a Test: Promoting Deep Learning Using Clickers, http://is.gd/fQ2R1
  • RT @facultyfocus: What faculty behaviors bother students the most? Not knowing how to use the technology. http://bit.ly/aT5DQF @MCCLIFT
  • RT @sahana2802: The Seven Needs of Real-Time Curators http://bit.ly/9yEln6 | Time for content curators to help make sense of the tidal w …
  • RT @britz: People do lrn more informally on job- but 2 learn this way efficiently/effectively they need filters & critical thk skills? # …
  • RT @jonathanpryder: confusion between retrieving/accessing inofrmation and learning. the former is not the latter! #elearningdebate
  • RT @simbeckhampson: Rosett: informal learning doesn’t support standards, guidance and evidence. It’s all heat and no standards < it’s …
  • RT @tsphethean: Institutions have nothing to fear from networked individuals learning informally, in fact they can benefit from them. #e …
  • RT @Quinnovator: RT @eLearnMag: What is “Terra Nova” and what does it mean for the future of elearning? http://t.co/sGmKBQ8
  • RT @cognitivepolicy: Social Networking Affects Brains Like Falling in Love (a powerful and insightful article!) http://fb.me/J28lVwsH
  • RT @MareeConway: Dom Thurbon we need to ask where education fits in world where no there’s no premium on information #TEMC2010
  • RT @hybridkris: “@avron: Ed Cohen on the rebirth of the LMS. http://bit.ly/caH8rv”
  • RT @RobertTalbert: YES. @KarenJan: Should we be concerned? “SAT scores of HS sen’s intending to go into ed.rank below every other major” …

COINs 2010 Conference (I didn’t attend, but the tweets were interesting)

  • RT @mrch0mp3rs: #COINs2010 the more trusting you are, the more central you are in a network. Also, the less they talk, the more they are …
  • RT @mrch0mp3rs: #COINs2010 the more people share knowledge (offloading info through wikis, blogs, etc), the more productive they are – @ …
  • RT @Geofutures: “long-term decline of US power and prosperity, because Americans no longer invest collectively in their common future” h …
  • RT @horizonwatching: Gartner: Top Technology Trends You Can’t Afford To Ignore http://bit.ly/ceSWGI
  • Future Of Ed Webcast http://bit.ly/byNzvq via @aforgrave
  • RT @lloydwalker: Fun archive of past visions about the future: http://www.paleofuture.com/ #retrofuturism

Great Quotes

  • RT @JoyGayler: RT @steverubel: Most people don’t schedule their work. They schedule interruptions that prevent work from happening. http …
  • RT @TriciaRansom: RT @Chookooloonks: “The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.” ~Ayn Rand
  • RT @Urbanverse: so true. RT @dinet: Steve McKay: “If it doesn’t hurt, it’s probably not change.” #SDsummit
  • RT @simbeckhampson: Social Learning “An invasion of armies can be resisted but not an idea whose time has come” ~ Victor Hugo (via @jayc …
  • @ColinTGraham what if there is a silver bullet for ed, and you just haven’t seen it yet?
  • RT @MareeConway: No amount of technology makes up for a boring teacher @changelabs #TEMC2010

Great links for everyone

  • RT @timoreilly: Puts the lie to the claim that patents help small inventors: Why Geim Never Patented Graphene http://bit.ly/9QrEC3
  • RT @eLearningGuild: This Is How Google Beats Apple in Your Living Room http://bit.ly/adgcwS
  • RT @JoyGayler: [great idea] RT @prsarahevans: I like that at the Westin all of the employees state their passion on their name badge.
  • RT @simbeckhampson: “Houston, we have a challenge…” (problems, failure and innovation) by @janet_frg > http://t.co/KTuRHTH < Excel …
  • RT @rossdawson: In US 92% of 2-year olds online & 33% of babies have sonogram pics online before they’re born – ahead of Europe http://b …
  • RT @Ginaschreck: Blog post by Mark Zuckerberg on today’s new features http://rww.to/bLQ8QD AND  RT @MikeGwaltney: Or, competing story, why Facebook’s New Groups Miss the Mark and you’ll use Facebook less: http://bit.ly/9NldKm #edtec …
  • RT @edwebb: CCTV vigilantes: Snoopers paid to catch shoplifters from home http://diigo.com/0d22k
  • RT @edyson: Why are the women in Social Network movie so lame? Glad someone asked! http://bit.ly/du82ZU
  • RT @davidwees: The more you practice multitasking, the worse you get at it. http://is.gd/fL4o0 #edchat

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