Twitter Weekly Link Roundup for 2010-07-04

Dissertation …
  • Back to working on the dissertation. Took a break this morning to go to church, swim, and have lunch with my hubby. #
  • I wish I were a dog. Then I wouldn’t have to finish my dissertation. #
  • I’m afraid I need a dissertation pep talk. #
  • While I’m being all grouchy about dissertation writing, let me tell you how much I dislike APA formatting (extremely visually unappealing) #
  • #drpt (hr 426): Tables of data on participant characteristics … done. #
  • #drpt (hr 427): Chi tests on knowledge of MIPs, seeing gender effect here, as well as effects of PD on knowledge of CL and IBL. #
  • #drpt (hr 428): Yes, I am actually WRITING in Ch.4 … trying to summarize all findings on research questions 1-3 today. #
  • If you want to see the last 25 hours of dissertation work, go here: #
  • #drpt (hr 429): I think I’m done with reporting about research question 1, knowledge of math instructional practices … on to RQ2. #
  • #drpt (hr 430): Did I mention I have data coming out my ears? It’s seeping out my nostrils too now. More exhaustive chi-squares. Sigh. #
  • #drpt (hr 431): If you have taught remedial math or calculus you are more likely to participate in math-specific PD … interpret? #
  • #drpt (hr 432): I have 9 pages of single-spaced tables in Ch.4, but very little writing. There’s so much data, it’s hard to summarize. #
  • I’m not sure why it’s happening today in particular… but I’m feeling kind of overwhelmed by life. I think I just need to be done w/PhD. #
  • #drpt (hr 433): Met with my PhD advisor to go over / talk through the results for the first three research questions. #

Miscellaneous …

  • .@nancyrubin What I can’t figure out is why Twit Cleaner needs your password to do it – followers are public info. in reply to nancyrubin #
  • Just finished playing ALL the levels of Waker, a game about position and velocity curves. #m161 #
  • RT @divbyzero: More on PA textbook bill: Step Too Far on Textbook Costs? – Inside Higher Ed #
  • If all we can choose for textbooks is ‘educationally sound’ then can I just choose ‘the Internet’ and call it good? #
  • .@MitchKeller Oh so true! It costs me $90/month for Internet, so I guess it’s not the most economical choice to use a free online textbook. in reply to MitchKeller #
  • Logical analysis of the decision to take action about climate change via @NBCCSueGreat example of futuring analysis #fb #
  • Whenever I think to myself … what an AWESOME find … it always seems to be from My advice? Subscribe! #
  • Gates, Jobs, and the new iPhone (a conversation that didn’t happen?) #
  • Just learned the easy trick for squaring numbers that end in 5. Very clever! (watching Teaching Company DVDs on Joy of Math) #imanerd #
  • For the first time in several years, I did not submit to present at ICTCM. Tired of having to come up with clever ways to fund conferences. #
  • Bummer. I would really like to try @swype on the EVO, but it appears that the beta is now closed. #
  • Just remembered I need to book plane tickets to NC. Still up this summer: Boston, AZ, NC, OK, and maybe NY. #
  • Retweeting @sartormi: @busynessgirl you fly more than Santa! (from one of my students) #
  • Now, the next two days I have to build this presentation on “Levers of Change in Higher Education” (wondering what inspired me to do this) #

Day of fixing computer errors …

  • Why has Adobe Acrobat decided to forsake me? #
  • I let computer/software errors build up for months and then deal with them all in 24 hours of error-hell, in case you were wondering. #
  • Today is “Deal with computer errors” day … Yay. #
  • Error #1 Windows Journal freaks out when I resize tablet drawings: Anyone seen this? Can you help? #
  • Error #2 My macro keyboard shortcut won’t stick in Word 2007 … problem FIXED by removing Adobe Add-in. Thanks @afwings :) #
  • Error #3 When I open PDF documents inside Bb in Firefox, the next action causes Firefox to crash. Whatever it is. #
  • Video of Error #3 Help? #
  • For the record, swimming 25 laps without my SwiMP3 really really sucks. #
  • Still trying to fix this damned Adobe PDF error. Days like this make me understand why Apple has shunned Adobe. #
  • Does anyone use Blackboard in Chrome? Which Chrome extensions are necessary to make it work properly? #
  • There are two big problems with Bb and Chrome: 1. Viewing PDF documents inside Bb, 2. No WYSIWYG editing on instructor side. #
  • Oh thank heavens. I think I have FINALLY fixed Error #3 Had to uninstall all copies of Adobe Reader and reinstall the FIrefox plugin. #
  • This leaves me with one error remaining… the strange tablet error. Anyone out there an HP Tablet expert? @jgvanides #
  • In hopes of fixing Error #1 I am updating all input and graphics drivers. Wish me luck. #
  • Another goal for today: Figure out how to print to my wireless printer from my laptop (been meaning to do this for >1 year) #
  • Hmmm … updating the video drivers did nothing. Next fix … reinstall Windows Journal? #
  • Oh great. Now Firefox and iTunes want to update. K.i.l.l. m.e. n.o.w. I just FIXED a bunch of errors, do I really want more? #
  • Today is a good day. Error #1 is FIXED. Took some logical thinking to pinpoint where the problem was, but I think it’s solved. :)  #
  • Wow. Finally got a software patch for TI-Smartview that fixes it. Have been trying to get it working since January. #
  • Of course, I wasn’t trying really hard … since we’ve been using Wolfram Alpha mostly. #

The ongoing struggle to get decent Internet at my house …

  • My Internet could not be slower today if it TRIED. #fb #
  • Today I want faster Internet so bad I could almost justify paying the $9,000 to get it … almost. #
  • I think I’m going to have to make a trip to the Sprint store tomorrow to see about a new phone with tethering + unlimited data. @dgpetrak #
  • Is there a way to burn podcasts from iTunes University to DVD? Crappy Internet + would like to watch from my exercise bike. #
  • Cussing up a storm. Just had my Internet cut off AGAIN. I really really really can’t take this anymore. Really. #fb #
  • If I kill myself for lack of broadband Internet, will someone lobby congress for the Maria Andersen bill – decent broadband for all? #
  • Dear WildBlue – the inability for me to pay for extra bandwidth when I need it is a dealkiller. You suck. #
  • There. I’ve committed. HTC EVO coming next wk w/ unlimited data plan. Wonder how long it will take to burn out a cell when used as a modem? #
  • RT @krzyslower: @busynessgirl Presidential Memorandum Unleashing Wireless Broadband Revolution // oh the irony #
  • Guess what just came in the mail … now the only problem is that I have to call from a phone other than the old or new cell. Don’t have 1. #
  • LOVE the kickstand feature on the new phone. So tired of holding these things while I watch videos. :) #
  • Okay … attempting to activate new phone via chat using other mobile broadband service. Ha! #
  • I am sending this from my new phone! Please phone, bring me faster internet! #
  • OMG. I can actually stream YouTube and TED without having to walk away from my computer for 5 min. #
  • Speedtest: 1 MBPS … yes! Yes! YES! (yup, that’s right … a broadband orgasm) #
  • I think I’m going to cry. I can watch as much on the Internet as I want. #
  • I am optimistically installing Second Life on my home computer – I have not been able to use SL from home ever. #
  • OMG. I can use Second Life from home!!!!!!!! (I know you all are underwhelmed here … but really, can you imagine life w/o broadband?) #
  • I can watch movies on Netflix, I can download games on the Playstation or Wii … no data limitations!!!!!!!!!!! #
  • oh … wordpress … how fast you run on real Internet! #
  • Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee #
  • Tomorrow I will start complaining about how I don’t have the faintest idea how to use my new phone, but for the moment, I’m happy. :) #
  • Retweeting @RobertTalbert: @busynessgirl This is like watching someone being unfrozen from a 15yr cryogenic sleep. :) #
  • Uh oh. This may be a short-lived love affair. Not getting a 3G signal tonight. Crap. #fb #
  • So, I can have reliable, but limited, delayed, and slow Internet … or unreliable, unlimited, and fast Internet. Maybe I should sell house? #
  • Here’s the morning Internet report. The mobile hotspot only seems to work on the same floor of the house as the HTC Evo. #
  • Sometimes I seem to have a spotty signal. Could fix this with some kind of signal booster ($$). Of course, satellite is rain-sensitive. #
  • To use the wireless on my exercise bike, I have to take the phone with me to the basement. #
  • Trying to decide what to do about the boys’ access to the Internet. Both of their computers are one floor below my computers. #
  • Downside of HTC Evo … I really really really miss my QWERTY keyboard. #
  • Just in case you were wondering, you can’t simultaneously use the mobile hotspot and make a phone call on the HTC Evo. Just tried. #
  • Let me just reiterate how much faster I can get online grading done with this new Internet. LOVE IT! #

Sorry, I’m still not blogging.  I think I’m trying to catch up … this means writing, writing, writing … but not writing blog posts.  I have to prep two new classes next year, Linear Algebra, and Mathematical Excursions (Math for Liberal Arts, or MathLA), and I know there are things that MUST get done this summer (like my 2009 taxes).

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