Calculus Wars Reading Group

Okay, finally I’m digging out. I have created a forum for the Calculus Wars reading group on my moodle site, (bookmark it if you’re going to participate).

You will have to create a user account on the site (which I think requires verification by email).

Then to enroll in the discussion (course RDGP101) you will need the enrollment code, which is “socrates” (all lowercase, the middle name of the author).

If someone (other than I) is willing to act as the “instructor” and help with moderating the discussions, that would be great! Send me an email.

So, if you’re looking for some social community while you read the book, here’s your opportunity! Join us online. The official language will be English, but I welcome international participants if they have some kind of translation service they can use!

Disclaimer: This is an experiment. I have no idea what I am doing with Moodle – I am learning as I go. There will be technical glitches and I will figure them out as I go.

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