WizIQ Practice Sessions

There was a lot of interest at ICTCM in this little program called WizIQ and I offered to do a demo this week to let instructors try it out.

If you’d like to participate, you will need to do four things:
1) Create a username and password in WizIQ (go to www.wiziq.com).
2) Make sure you can hear the sound on your computer! This might mean finding a set of headphones or speakers if it is a school computer.
3) Optional: Set up a microphone on your computer. Technically you don’t have to, but it is more fun this way!
4) Follow the appropriate URL at the time of the session you’d like to attend (see URL’s below) and then follow the prompts to enter the session.

Friday, March 14 (PI DAY!) 3:30pm EDT (that’s 12:30 PDT)
Follow this link at the appropriate day and time.

Sunday, March 16 7:00pm EDT (that’s 4:00pm PDT)
Follow this link at the appropriate day and time.

Bonus for Friday attendees – prepare a simple pi-day celebration file to upload (pdf is best, but Word and PP also are supposed to work). I will upload my pi-day songs if anyone would like to celebrate.

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3 Responses to “WizIQ Practice Sessions”

  • Robert says:

    Great idea Maria. I have been trying to get my students to test this out with me, but no takers as of yet (can not understand why they wouldn’t want to do this).

    If I can make it I will be there.

  • Jagdeep. S. Pannu says:

    Hi Maria,

    Thanks for setting up these demos! I just put up a post on our blog about your sessions. This is a nice initiative and it would be very helpful for other educators. Mark Cruthers, an AP History teacher from California, has done a lot of (similar) demos on WiZiQ. I am not sure if you got a chance to attend one. He is also doing one on 14th March. You can have a look here.

    Please let me know if you also want your sessions to be featured on the public sessions page.

    Jagdeep Singh Pannu
    For WiZiQ

  • Jonathan Shands says:

    I have been using WIZIQ for test reviews and been giving my students an extra dropped hw for them to attend. It is a great way of tutoring and possibly offering classes.

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