Easter Egg Avatar

I spent a pretty significant amount of time getting my avatar to properly load in to Bb7, and I fatally crashed my Bb7 Announcements page in the process (note to the wise, make sure to load avatar HTML as a non-javascript web page).

Originally, I was thinking that the avatar would just appear on the announcements screen to greet students all the time. But… I think I just had an epiphany here! The avatar should move and there should be two of them (I get five “screens” (avatar scenes) total with my subscription, and this site is using one of them, so I can easily devote two to my online calc site.

If students are participating the way that they should, then they should run into an avatar that encourages them. When there are important announcements, like when students need to schedule their tests, there should be an avatar that appears in one of their contact screens and reminds them.

In this way, the avatar announcements are like “easter eggs” to find in the online class. Kind of a “where’s waldo” for the online learning world.

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  • Meg says:

    Did you know that if you move your mouse around the purple lady’s head, she’ll follow the pointer with her eyes? It’s kind of like teasing Taggart!

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